Sustainability Consulting

While Platinum Earth has extensive experience managing certification projects from start to finish, we also offer our clients the benefits of our expertise in many additional forms.

Feasibility Studies

For smaller building projects looking to achieve LEED® or BREEAM certification or in cases where an existing building needs to be brought up to the specifications of a new standard, there may be question marks regarding the economic viability of such an exercise. Platinum Earth can perform a feasibility study on your project to help determine the correct course of action.

Sustainability Action Plans

There are situations where formal certification under one of the established systems is beyond the scope of a project, but the client still wants to improve the performance of their building or adopt sustainable operating practices.
Platinum Earth offers a wealth of experience to Municipalities, School Systems, and Businesses looking to formalize sustainable operating policies or create a sustainable action plan. We can analyze your building or current operational procedures and then design a detailed action plan of strategies geared towards improving performance while yielding the greatest return on investment.

Owner Representation

Not all of our clients necessarily have the in-house knowledge and expertise to navigate a sustainable building project in terms of dealing with the various architects, engineers, contractors and 3rd party vendors. Platinum Earth can serve as an independent expert in these situations, representing the owner’s best interests by leveraging our experience with a multitude of projects spanning every scale.

‘Rescue 911’

While certainly a ‘worst-case’ scenario, there are times that a project’s success comes under serious threat due to unforeseen circumstances such as the insolvency of incompetence of a critical vendor. Platinum Earth has experience being brought into projects already underway to ‘put out fires’ and while never an ideal situation, we strive to help our clients salvage the best possible outcome.