The Eskenazi Health Campus project began in 2009 with schematic design development and sustainability discussions. From the beginning, the ownership was committed to no less than LEED® Silver certification – to not only reduce the projects impact on the built environment, but to produce a superior environment for the individuals working and being cared for within its walls. This was key to maintaining the legacy and standards of the original Wishard Hospital that had been a state leader in terms of community outreach, care to the masses, and state-of-the-art healthcare practices from its inception as City Hospital in 1859.

Platinum Earth members had been involved with the project since its inception and the firm itself was contracted as the LEED consultant for the entire campus project in January 2011. The project was comprised of demolition and abatement of several buildings on the existing site and 7 new construction buildings, all situated on 37 acres of land. The buildings that make-up the Eskenazi Health campus are the Sidney & Lois Eskenazi Hospital (866,839 SF, 315 beds) which is 1 of 2 Adult Level 1 Trauma Centers in the state and the only Adult Burn Center in the region, the Outpatient Care Center (263,000 SF along with the Sky Farm on a portion of the roof), the Fifth Third Bank Building (296,000 SF housing supporting staff, office space, and a restaurant), the Pavilion Restaurant (1,471 SF that includes a vegetated roof), a Chiller Boiler Plant (22,685 SF), the Central Utility Plant (12,203 SF), and the 5-story Parking Garage (1,018,186 SF) that provided about 2,700 parking spaces and 162 of the 252 bicycle racks.

Charged with coordinating a project of such immense scale, Platinum Earth had to efficiently coordinate information, submittal tracking, and communication between 3 owners, dozens of design firms, and over 80 general contractor companies. Platinum Earth was also tasked with providing education to the many design firms and contractors at the beginning of the project.

Platinum Earth is extremely proud to be a part of The Eskenazi Health Campus project that was awarded LEED NCv2.2 Gold certification in October 2015, exceeding the ownership’s original requirements and the first such hospital campus in the state of Indiana and one of the largest LEED Gold certified hospital campuses in the country.


Ezkenazi Health Campus LEED Gold certification

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