Platinum Earth specializes in helping our clients achieve their LEED certification targets. We have the expertise to apply the following rating systems:

  • New Construction (NC)

  • Existing Buildings: Operations and Maintenance (O+M)

  • Core & Shell (CS)

  • School (SCH)

  • Healthcare (HC)

  • Commercial Interiors (CI)

  • Interior Design and Construction (ID+C)

We offer full LEED project services, providing oversight, review, and management from beginning to end. This typically involves:


We meet with the design team, owner (and/or user group), and other consultants, typically at the beginning stages of Design Development. This meeting is used to review the intent of design the potential credits that will be pursued, and credit requirements. The goal of this meeting is to establish the foundation and a clear path for all parties involved with the project.

Design & Construction Document Review

We extensively review Design and Construction documents from the perspective of the LEED guidelines to ensure that the design team produces drawings that are compliant with the LEED credit requirements. We want to ensure that the transition from the design phase to the construction phase is as smooth as possible.

Construction Overview

The key to success during the construction phase is the accurate collection and review of submittal data in order to maximize the construction credits.

Construction meetings are held to coordinate all parties in terms of the data collection process and to provide clarification on project objectives and requirements.