Eric Zeto – Vice President

“The racing industry is really just like every other, only massively amplified. The objectives for a racing team are the same – to produce a superior product or service while maximizing return on investment for it’s owners and investors. The difference is speed and I’m not referring to that of the car on the track. When you’re spending upwards of 2 million dollars to show up at the Indy 500, with the pressure to ‘make the show’ for your sponsors and you are preparing for qualifying, decisions are made in seconds – not hours or days. Add to this the fact that there is no margin for error – a mistake on my part could mean injury or death to my driver at 230 mph. In the racing business, it’s all about action – we have no choice but to do it right the first time, as quickly as possible and as cost effectively as possible. This is the attitude that I bring to Platinum Earth!”

Moving from a career in motorsports to one in sustainability might seem like an unlikely career path, but that is exactly what Eric Zeto did, taking on the role of Vice President of Business for Platinum Earth at the beginning of 2011. Having studied both engineering and business in his native Canada, Eric had the great fortune of gaining exposure to a wide array of disciplinary fields through the cooperative nature of his engineering undergraduate program. Ranging from product design at Electrohome, to competitive market analysis at Nortel, to plant process engineering at National Standard, Eric’s experience is as diverse as the sizes of companies he has worked for – from 10 people to 10000. Upon graduation, Eric took up an opportunity of a lifetime when he moved to England to work for one of the largest race car manufacturers in the world. He was subsequently transferred to an automotive test and research center located in Indianapolis by the same company where he helped grow their vehicle dynamics test facility into a profitable business. In 2001, Eric left to start a career in Indycar racing where he has spent over a decade serving in roles as Chief Engineer and Technical Director.

As someone who is constantly seeking challenges, Eric decided to tackle a fresh challenge by bringing his many talents to Platinum Earth as he directs the operations, marketing and strategic planning functions for the company. With an extensive background in management, software tools, and data processing as well as vast experience in high-pressure, high-stakes environments, Eric helps position Platinum Earth as a fast, efficient, results oriented company.