Energy Modeling

Energy modeling is the virtual simulation of a building that focuses on the energy consumption, utility and life cycle costs of various energy systems such as HVAC, lighting and water. Platinum Earth offers energy modeling services utilizing a variety of simulation packages.


Energy-modeling can be very beneficial to the early phases of design by providing Load Design information to the engineers – helping them optimize the heating/cooling system for the actual needs of the building. Also, an energy model performed at the design phase can also serve as a benchmark for future comparisons and can also assist with the assessment of various energy system options in terms of life-cycle ROI.

Credit Compliance

Energy-modeling is critical to demonstrating credit compliance in various certification systems. The LEED® rating system for example requires energy modeling to support the Energy Performance credit.


Beyond use as a design tool or support for credit compliance, energy modeling can be used to generate data for rating purposes when applying for various tax credits and incentives, depending on building type and geographical location.