BREEAM stands for Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method. Based in Watford, England, BRE launched the first version of BREEAM in 1990, which was created as a means to specifically rate the sustainability of new office buildings. A pioneering system based on scientifically backed standards, BREEAM was the world’s first sustainability assessment method for buildings and is now in-use in over 70 countries worldwide.


BREEAM actually consists of five different versions, focused on the various life-cycle stages of development of a built environment, from community master-planning through refurbishment of existing buildings. The specific version of BREEAM that has been brought to the United States via BREEAM USA, is the In-Use Technical Standard, which was launched by BRE back in 2009. This standard examines existing commercial buildings and assesses their performance in terms of energy and water usage, as well as sustainable policies and implementation. The BREEAM In-Use standard is not country specific, meaning a building owner can compare assets relative to another regardless of geographic location.

How Does It Work?

The BREEAM In-Use system allows the owner and/or tenant to register their building or project and then immediately start the process of inputting data into an online self-assessment tool. Once the required data is fed into the tool, the user is provided with an instant ‘unverified’ score – describing the building’s relative performance. Subsequently, inputs can be varied to allow the owner or team to quickly determine how these changes would impact the buildings performance in the real world.

Our Service

The BREEAM In-Use Assessment tool serves as a fantastic way for owners to gain insight into the current state of their building as well as the scope of improvements needed to achieve a desired level of performance. Platinum Earth, as an In-Use Licensed Assessor can not only walk the client through the bench marking process, but also facilitate certification if the client wishes to pursue it. Platinum Earth’s President Heather Zeto is not only the first female licensed BREEAM In-Use Assessor in the US, but is one of the first to be licensed period. Consistent with our philosophy to be a not only involved in sustainability but also a driving force in it’s growth, Platinum Earth is proud to be one of the early adopters of this globally recognized certification as it finally makes it way to the US. We can guide you through the entire process from registration to certification.