Platinum Earth’s mission is to facilitate the transformation of our environment towards a sustainable future – one building at a time. Through education and innovation, we can demonstrate that large scale change can come from small-scale action.


Our vision is to see a day where the world no longer needs to preface its social practices with the term ‘green’ – a day when our actions simply are.


Platinum Earth is a specialist consulting firm completely dedicated to sustainability. While there are a number of design and engineering firms that offer sustainability amongst its portfolio of services, at Platinum Earth, this is our only business. By leveraging comprehensive specialized knowledge and dynamic hands-on experience, we can provide a more cost-effective and comprehensive service to our clients.


Our clients are building owners, developers, property managers and architects looking to enhance the value of their building project as well as municipalities, school districts and corporations that recognize the return on investment that can be realized through optimizing occupant conditions, minimizing impact to environment and community and reducing operating costs through integrated design and construction. As a partner in achieving these objectives, Platinum Earth adds further value to our clients by leveraging a wide array of dedicated tools and procedures honed through experience - all directed at maximizing communication and efficiency. 'Time is money' is our ethos.


While there is indeed a growing and palpable enthusiasm to embrace all the benefits that can be realized through green building, sustainability initiatives are not uniformly mature across the country. Whether it is helping our clients develop strategic policies, managing a LEED project, or providing a full BREEAM assessment, we are committed to 'rolling up our sleeves' and being a full hands-on partner to our clients. At Platinum Earth we are committed to our client's success regardless of whether it involves sitting behind a computer processing data, or jumping into a dumpster to document waste.


We are not a company that has added sustainability consulting to our portfolio of services because it is currently trendy – it is our core competence and our passion. Regardless of the size of your project, we are committed to proving you with the same high level of service we pride ourselves in. Your success is our success, so we consider it our priority that we reach the finish-line together, not only meeting, but exceeding your goals.

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